Strain_087  My name is Alina and this is my creative outlet–My Yellow Umbrella. I started MYU during college for fun and then started out in the “real world” at an advertising agency after college. Over time, the blog started to grow and, long story short, between the blog, the shop and my custom upholstery & sewing jobs, I was able to quit my job at the agency and run MYU full-time.
Strain_027-2  In December 2011, Jonathan and I tied the knot, said our “I Do’s,” and promised forever to one another. In October 2013, we welcomed a perfect baby boy and named him Harper. A short 16 months later, in February 2015, a precious baby girl joined our clan; we named her Chloe.
 We are a Navy medical family. The military has moved us from Kansas to Virginia to Connecticut to Florida to Illinois. We are currently stationed in Chicago and embracing city life.
 Strain_063With five states and two babies in an 18-month span, this blog and business has (understandably) taken residence on a back burner for the time being. I’m currently figuring out how best to balance my passions–motherhood, sewing, and designing/making of all sorts. I wouldn’t be the first to call myself an artist, but, by definition, that’s what I am. Fabric is my medium of choice, and I’m currently learning how to apply that in digital ways. Stay tuned for changes and updates!
Photos by Cate DePrisco.